This is the UI5 Test Suite which you can use for testing your UI5 control libraries and application pages.


On the left hand-side, you find the Test Navigation view that shows all test cases detected in the current Web application. You can also manually add additional other test-cases by entering the URL for these in the provided input field.

In the Settings View you can change settings like the theme used for rendering, the render mode or right-to-left (a.k.a. RTL) support.

The Content View which is the one where this page is displayed, shows the test page that was selected in the navigation view.

The Trace View at the bottom shows the SAPUI5 framework trace. It displays for instance thrown events and other framework details.

On the right hand-side, you see the Control Tree view which shows the control tree of the selected test page. If you select a node in this tree, the properties of the related control are shown at in the Properties view at the bottom right. In this view, you can change properties of the selected control and apply them on-the-fly to the test page.

Version Info

UI5 version: 1.120.6