IMPORTANT NOTICE: VizContainer deprecated since version 1.32.0

The chart controls in the sap.viz.ui5 package (which were always marked as experimental) have been deprecated since 1.32.0.
They are no longer actively developed and won't receive new features or improvements, only important bug fixes. They will only remain in the
SAPUI5 distribution for backward compatibility.

SAP strongly recommends that existing consumers of those controls migrate to the new VizFrame
control to benefit from new charting enhancements and timely support.

Note: As the feature set, design and API usage of VizFrame might differ from the old chart controls, make sure you evaluate it thoroughly before migration.


The VIZContainer provides a set of reusable HTML5 based UI controls that easily enable application developers to create an analytical application using a generic UX pattern. With VIZContainer, you are able to switch the visualization types to see the data from a different point of view, or feed data on the fly to the visualization that helps get new insights.


The following code snippet shows the basic capabilities of the VizContainer control:



API Documentation

See VizContainer, FlattenedDataset and general sap.viz API documentation