Development Environment

This part of the documentation gives you guidance on the most common and recommended use cases of the installation, configuration and setup of the UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) development environment.


You can install SAPUI5 on different platforms. The license and maintenance conditions of the respective platforms also apply for SAPUI5. If you use SAPUI5 tools on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, for example, the license and maintenance conditions of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform apply.

Depending on your use case, you can choose one of the following development environments.
SAP Web IDE is a Web-based development environment that is optimized for developing SAPUI5 complex apps using the latest innovations, developing and extending SAP Fiori apps, developing mobile hybrid apps, and extending SAP Web IDE with plug-ins and templates. Develop apps using OpenUI5 and the development environment (editor and Web server) of your choice. You can either download all of the sources or refer to the online version of OpenUI5. Used for developing apps for simple use cases. The SAPUI5 application development tools for Eclipse provide wizards to support you in creating apps in an easy way. With the application project wizard, the necessary application skeleton containing views and controllers will automatically be created. Used for modifying OpenUI5. The environment is based on Node.js, used as a server, with a build process that is based on Grunt. This section provides information for the initial setup, development roundtrip, and tests execution.

You can also build native SAP HANA applications using SAPUI5. For more information, see the SAPUI5 for SAP HANA Development Tutorials in the SAP HANA Developer Guide on SAP Help Portal at under Start of the navigation path Development and Modeling Next navigation step SAP HANA Developer Guide Next navigation step Building UIs End of the navigation path.